Tuesday, September 27, 2011

HK Trip Sept 2011 - Part 1

Finally, after almost a week of sneezing and coughing, I'm a little better. Yes, just a little. At least enough to get back to work. 

Before I begin, it's been raining cats and dogs here in Manila, and I just want to hope that everyone out there is safe and stays safe! Pray for the safety of everyone!

Bird's eye view of Manila from the plane. I love you Manila, but what is with this city planning?
I will never get tired of Hong Kong! There's always another street to explore, another store to enter, another Chinese restaurant to try, and out of this world fashion from the locals that will make you feel like you're in some fashion show. 

Super cute store by Hankow Road. Not my style, but look at those cute outfits for little girls! Even children's clothes are cute and chic.
Here's a quick rundown on my spontaneous trip to Hong Kong :)

I arrived at Hong Kong a little earlier than my family (they were coming from the US, and I was coming from Manila, so I was just going to meet them there), so I decided to walk around a bit and take a few pictures before I had to meet up with them.

City Super has got to be one of my favorite places ever! A grocery + beauty shop + random items store = me getting lost in there for HOURS! I honestly feel like they have everything!

I went around the "Pets" section and I found these really cute squeaky toys for pets. I found some of them hilarious! Specifically the grenades (which I really wanted to buy, but I didn't want to condition my dog into thinking that it's okay to chase after grenades), and the Warriors doing the thumbs up (this was overpriced though, so no toy for my puppy this time).

Then I decided to grab a quick dinner at the food court in Harbour City, namely at Green Thai Express, which, I kid you not, serves the best Hainanese Chicken dish for about only HK$50! If you're planning to try it out, the item is called "Chicken Rice". I'm sure there are better ones out there, but this is my personal favorite.

After, it was off to shopping and exploring!

I want his license plate! Haha!
Discovered this awesome magazine called "Fruits" (they have other magazines but I can't remember the names) - they basically capture street style all around Japan. Talk about eyegasm! I would so love to work for them!

They had a couple of art exhibits around Ocean Terminal and some sort of Crocs life-sized board game.

More magazines! Thanks to my friend Gine who was sort of my tour guide for the trip and who recommended this magazine to me. From what I can tell, it's sort of like a catalog of sorts. I love it! It's definitely great for inspiration! Check her out! She's also a really great photographer! -- http://fotosurge.tumblr.com/

The flight home was actually really great! The plane was pretty much EMPTY, so I was able to have an entire row to myself (thank God those arm rests were moveable!) and steal pillows from almost every seat! :)

And thus ends my Hong Kong trip. I'll post my street shots in a couple of days (if not tomorrow), and also my SCAD photos. Yes, Savannah College of Art and Design has a Hong Kong campus and it's gorgeous!

See you in December HK! :)


  1. nice trip! I miss Hongkong too and they're stylish clothes!


  2. that magazine "Fruits" looks amazing, these are such great pics, they make me really want to go to Hong Kong!


  3. Love the photos :) Hope you continue to get better! xx Kizzy

  4. I suddenly missed Hong Kong :) the place will never grow pall on me. Yes I have to agree, there's always something new to discover!

  5. Hong Kong looks so pretty and interesting. I would love to visit someday.

    I am so glad that you are starting to feel better!

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  6. Oh my looks like you had a great time! So lucky to have visit there, some day hopefully I can too! Can't wait to see what you bought!

    Thanks for visiting my blog, and yes we should definitely meet up when you get back!


  7. great photos looks like you really enjoyed yourself! i agree a bit with the ferragamo show only thing is that i've been so disappointed by many of the runway shows to me it was the only half decent one compared to the others, so sad but true


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  10. I love traveling but I never had any chance of traveling outside the country. Great, great photos from HK. :)

    Heard about the news, it's sunny here in Cebu and please keep safe. :)

  11. I've never been to Hong Kong - it's literally my dream destination (even more so after these awesome pictures)
    thanks for commenting on my blog! visit again soon, and maybe follow - if you want to
    I'm following you xx

  12. Ooh, that shop is so adorable - I would love to spend some time browsing there someday! :)

  13. Amazing travel log photos! Colourful & very lively :D THanks for hoping over my blog babe, You've been to Bali too ? ;D

    Regards from Malaysia,


  14. Thank you for stopping at my blog!! Yours is very cool and I love the HK trip post you did!

  15. i really love it!

    your blog is great <3

  16. Such an amazing view, I wish I could see it too!

    xoxo Despite Color

  17. Thnx doll, like your post! Amazing stuff! And you are so adorable :)

  18. I wish I can go to Hong Kong someday too.
    Really cool photos. :)


  19. nice shops!

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  20. You're inspiring me to visit HK soon! It just seems so fun and exotic! Hope you have a wonderful weekend Sam!
    xo Mary Jo

  21. I love this post


  22. What is clothes shopping like in Hong Kong? I really want to go and have heard the shopping is really good!

  23. Hong Kong looks so fun! I would love to go someday! It looks like you had lots of fun, have a great trip :)

  24. great pics ! waiting you on my page