Thursday, September 22, 2011

Jeremy Scott x Swatch Part 2

My last trip to Hong Kong was amazing! I just have a huge Hong Kong hang over! I'm sick though :( The extreme weather conditions (aka extreme heat outside and full-on A/C inside) gave me a flu but I think it was worth it!

One of the highlights of my trip is the fact that I finally got the Jeremy Scott Swatch Opulence watch!

The frame is detachable, and yes, you can purchase the frame alone! You know, if you lose it or something.

I've been hunting this baby down for a good year now (it always seems to be out of stock, and it's so overpriced here in Manila) and I finally GOT IT!

That being said, Jeremy Scott is releasing a new set of Swatch watches designed by him, and good God! Eye candy galore! I want that X-Ray Vision watch on my wrist NOW!

Which one's your favorite?


  1. that watch is INSANE!!!

    come by my giveaway!!


  2. What a darling and unique watch!


  3. i love him that man is amazing love your watch so gorgeous! hope you feel better!

  4. What unique way to accessorize it! Love it. With our without the frame on the watch <3 <3 Thanks for dropping over my blog babe :D


  5. That watch is so great! Totally different and beautiful! I hope you feel better soon!

  6. Fantastic watch! I'm sad we missed each other (again!).. Try for Christmas?

    Feel better soon! x

  7. I love Jeremy Scott's collection for Adidas specially the winged shoes!! Love the watch of yours, Sam! :)

    It's really meant for you.

  8. I like so much your blog, i hope you can check out mine.

  9. glad to see you are posting again :) I've been seeing that watch around the blogosphere and it looks great! Quirky coolness :)

  10. Those watches are so bad arse! Feel better!

  11. one of the most amazing watches i've ever seen! can i have it? :)

    xo zebra and meerkat

  12. im fav is the one you have! WOW SERIOUSLY that's a brilliant thing to do with a boring watch! i love it :D

  13. Jeremy Scott has som very cool items
    and I love the watch you picked
    so cool


  14. thanks for your lovely comment :) i love those watches, especially the one you brought!

    love, lola

  15. swatch is coming out with some cool stuff these days! i remember having one waaaay back when. i want one of those wrap watches.


  16. that watch is freaking awesome... love it!

    would you like to follow each other?


  17. Ah I love Jeremy Schott, I remember seing his Fast Food collection a few years ago and me and my boyfriend being actually obsessed with all the pieces! This watch is sooo cool, the frame is awesome. Sounds like Hong Kong was brilliant, I'd love to visit one day. x