Saturday, April 14, 2012

No. 1 Crush

If you're from the Bay Area, you should know that the weather's been CRAZY! There are tornado warnings, quarter-sized hail, and intense thunder. I'm from Manila, where we deal with monsoons and typhoons about twice a year, and I don't think I've ever been scared of the weather 'til a couple of days ago. 

On fashion news, check out! It's an online shopping website that offers free shipping everywhere! Compared to other sites, Oasap has a more edgy aesthetic that's very reminiscent of the street styles of Asian countries. Plus, they usually have special deals and sales, so my wallet's pretty happy about that.

Proudrace sweater, Oasap leggings, shoes from Hong Kong


  1. The weather has indeed been crazy! I was foolish and ventured out to do some karaoke the other night and was scared silly by the thunder. At least it's pretty today!

  2. Yeah! It was so insane, the thunder was so scary! Have you seen the pictures of the thunderstorms? Man, so glad I've stayed home. Didn't hear about the hail or tornado warnings, though.

    xx maggie

  3. wow, great outfit!
    i love this type of photos!
    xoxo, Florencece

  4. Love your outfit and that site is amazing. I spent over an hour on it.


  5. Hey Sam ;) I love your shirt and leggings! So edgy ;) Suits you great!

  6. I like your styles.!
    following you right now.., :)
    I like all your outfits - leggings, sweater , hat and shoes !
    they are perfectly worn :D

    Thank you for leaving comments on my blog :) and for visiting there !

  7. I love this! Your style is so fun & yet so well put together! Gorgeous! xo, Megs

  8. i LOVE the sweater! very cute