Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Why Music Videos Were Invented

Ok, so I'm sure most of you have noticed that I've totally been MIA. Yep, ever since work started, I've got no time to update the my blog. 

Funny thing is, the last post was meant for a blog I was supposed to create for the Status Magazine website (which was killed) and Polyvore automatically posted it straight to my blog. Haha! I was thinking about deleting it but since a lot of you enjoyed it, I decided to keep it. 

Short but sweet, it's a video worth watching and it's definitely why music videos were created in the first place (unlike all the garbage we see on TV now). Duran Duran vs. The Supers. Bring all the classics back!
P.S. How freaking excited are you for the Marni x H&M collaboration!?


  1. Sam, get back soon. :)

    Love that video, btw.

  2. when are you leaving? have you done your shopping for your friends back in the states? I'll be at the PICC Forum tent 'til Friday this week for the Noel bazaar :) We have a stall there.

    Status magazine used to hold bazaars and we are regular concessionaires during their events! My gulay..I'm so happy you're still here! haha. will you be spending christmas here? haha. dami kong tanong. sorry :)

  3. where in north sam?!!! :) i live in antipolo! i'm just here in PICC for the bazaar :)

  4. goodie!!! :) ill be in corintihians also this weekend for the holiday rush bazaar..maybe we could meet there??? :) Yipee!!! :)

  5. great post definitely excited for the marni for h&m!


  6. looooove it!!


  7. Lovely videos!! Hope to see you back soon!