Friday, October 28, 2011

The Perks and Cons

Perks and press cons that is.


Philippine Fashion Week is over for me (it officially ends Sunday) and it's been a pretty tiring week. Lots of running in heels, writing, and booze to keep myself sane. Oh, and becoming fashion roadkill (with matching bruise, just in time for Halloween) basically sums up the finale of fashion week for me. 

That being said, I'm beginning to really fall in love with STATUS, especially with the STATUS team. The work is hard, but the perks and the people make up for it.


Case in point, yesterday one of my editors assigned me to attend a press con for MTV EXIT (End Exploitation and Trafficking), a campaign that promotes freedom and human rights. Rock band Evaline and MTV VJ Holly would be at the press con to answer our questions. 

But turns out, the set-up was that each person would have a one-on-one interview with VJ Holly and Evaline for 10 minutes each. Ok, at that point I kind of just died a little bit.


Aside from the obvious, I had a pretty awesome time at the press-con because I met so many new people including Jam 83.3's DJ Sasha (it's a radio station here in Manila). We got to talk a bit and she's really cool. 

I went to go interview Holly first, and the girl is gorgeous! On top of that, she was so sweet and adorable and I really loved her cross tattoo.



Next up was Evaline, an up and coming rock band who's toured with Placebo and the Young Guns. The fan girl inside me was jumping, I mean come on! Six gorgeous rockstars, and they were all mine for a good 10 minutes! HAHA! 



This is super embarrassing to post, but whatever, it was so awkward just standing there just in the middle, so I wanted to be all fun and do something. This corny pose was all I could think of. So sad!

Read about the STATUS blog entry about the press con here and learn more about MTV EXIT at their website.


  1. Everyone wants this kind of job I it shows in your pictures and how you describe it.

    Good thing your busy days is about to end.

    You cute with the group pic:)

  2. Great photos, awesome job!!! :)

    xo Emma

  3. wow!!!it seems really intresting!!lucky you!!

  4. great post must have been so cool especially getting one on one time! love the photos you look great!

  5. Great, lovely dress! and those shoes on the first photo! ♥

  6. those are def some awesome perks!!! guess everything comes with a price, lol! keep on enjoying and sharing with us!

    What's the next line? Help write the story!

  7. FUN! great perks!!!!



  8. Sounds like a great job!! Great pictures!


  9. Lovely


  10. Amazing. You look so cute in the pic with the band!

  11. Great post. I really like your blog.^^

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  12. seriously cute outfits and pictures xx

  13. Oh wooow, your outfit is so sweet!

  14. Sam I think you look great
    pose and all =)
    fab work girl!!!


  15. very cool this post! Love 1st outfit :)


  16. cute!


  17. Love your outfit! :) I followed! Hope you can check out my blog sometime <3

    Ellen xx

  18. sam, are you based here in the philippines already? like you, i've been MIA also. Update me :) oooh, if time oermits of course :)