Friday, March 11, 2011

Flu Season

Hello everyone! So this week, I wasn't exactly busy, but instead I was sick. So sick that I didn't want to do anything else but lay in bed and sleep (and catch up on Pretty Little Liars, does anyone else watch that show?)

But this week, I also started making some accessories! So aside from clothes, I also make a couple of accessories like bracelets and earrings. If anyone is interested, send me and email OR check out my etsy page!

Also, I recently noticed how great the outside of Colleen Quen's atelier is
Here are some pictures:

The last one with the swan and the robot is my favorite set. It's so quirky and fun!

Also, I have some new purchases! One of which is this awesome denim jacket!

And the latest news with me is that I just made my first maxi skirt. It's pretty much gorgeous. Will post pictures soon!


  1. cute accessories! love your outfit too :)

  2. the artwork is beautiful, and your outfit is so casual and chic!

  3. Those are beautiful photographs! I like your new denim jacket.. will go hype on lookbook ^-^
    Also amazing jewelry you made!! well done

  4. i love ur blog love the earings and the bow!
    take a look at my blog and follow me :

  5. Beauitiful earrings, love the photographs too. They make me crave the summer months.

  6. Gorgeous earrings and pictures!

  7. Gorgeous pictures! I love your outfit, the jeansjacket is very cool xxx following you now ;)

  8. wow love the photo’s. the earrings look fabulous. Love the one with the swans. How can graffiti be so stylish and a perfect setting for a photo. The hat looks great on you, love the combination with the jeans.

  9. hi sam :)

    i order my studs from

    you have to push them thru the fabric and i do it all by hand but they do offer tools for this! i hope thia helps.

    thanks for checking out my blog, hope youll continue to do so ;)


  10. thanks for coming by and for your comment! you have GREAT style! love the street art too! cool blog! be in touch! xo


  11. Gorgeous pictures dear and I love your outfit! Oe I'm curious about your maxi, can't wait to see the pictures

  12. Lovely accessories! So cute! :) I do see Pretty Little Liars! I'm so into it! I absolutely love it! And now is so amazing! I want to find out who the Alison killer is, but I don't want the show to stop.. Because if we discover it they should finish the show or commit another crime, don't you think so?
    By the way, I have a feeling that Melissa is the killer...What do you think? :)

  13. Wish I knew how to sew b/c I'd be making maxi skirts (seems easy to make). Can't wait to see your pics. Thanks for stopping by my blog, love yours, and following on Bloglovin.

  14. nice fotos, i like your outfit, too :) especially love the bow :D

  15. I hope you get well soon! And those accessories are so cute!

  16. Your earrings have such great texture! Hope you feel better very soon!

    Happy to follow along and learn about new designs too!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  17. Cute earring. For the Formspring you change the anonymous part in the setting. Where you pick you colors and everything. Hope that helps.

  18. love your denim jacket!!! it is just too cute :)
    also...i adore your earrings! i can't believe you made them...they are so fantastic!

  19. wooow love this acessories.
    check me out

    you look really cute.

  20. cute finds! :) the graffiti walls are very inspirational
    buttercup buttons

  21. Thanks for stopping by. Those accessories are so adorable! I want all of them:)

    The Cheeky Cafe

    P.S. I'm doing a fun giveaway this week, so make sure you enter

  22. Beautiful jewelry! I'll have to check your etsy one time. Also, love love love graffiti in any shape or form. Where is Colleen Quen?