Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Week That Was..

So this week, fashion week was a hit, I quit my job, and I am religiously learning couture and getting my poor tiny fingers pricked constantly. ALL IN THE NAME OF FASHION!
My little workspace/desk. Grossly expensive tracing wheel, horrible tracing paper, a million pins and scissors, rulers, and of course, my trusty PSP for those much needed 5 minute breaks :)

And here we have my trusty sewing machine, my model (the naked Barbie at the side), tulle, and some canvas paper

For the other artists out there, show me your workspace! :D

More under the cut!

Fabric for samples aka my muslin and canvas


cutting my fabric

for my other skirt, I wanted to have yellow fabric, but I couldn't find the perfect shade in a reasonable price. So I decided to dye my canvas and muslin for a good $2 :D That's being resourceful right there!

This is the color that came out

Moving on. This is definitely late, but it's so pretty that I'm sure no one will mind if I re-post some of the shows best moments

On a different note, who watched the first episode of ANTM Cycle 16 tonight? The first photoshoot is one of the best ones the series has had in a long time! For those who didn't/couldn't see it, the shoot was taken at the backstage of their first fashion show (T by Alexander Wang, the fashion show was pretty dreck tho). Here are the highlights.

The picture above is gorgeous, but she's not necessarily my favorite. My top 4 so far are the ones below:

Couture classes tomorrow!


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