Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Geisha Fierce!

This is one of my best friends Andie. I love this shot of her!
And today, Steff (another best friend), her, Alex (Andie's guy), and I had a much deserved day out together

We had lunch, shopped a little bit, caught up with each other's lives, and just did what normal best friends do!...Like force convince one of their best friends to get bangs!

But more on that later!
Let's have Japanese food and fashion!

Love Steff's outfit! Especially her dress and clogs (AND BAG!!!) 

Look at the heel detail of her clogs!

My friends are so chic. I love Andie's outfit, especially her boots! Might get them in tan.

Even Alex looks good! :)

Such a good looking couple!

 Steff getting her haircut! 


They decided to wear heels :| so yes, I had to tiptoe.
Awesome day!!! :)


  1. Love your outfits!! Lovely blog!

    Stop by sometime dear! We can follow each other if you like:)


  2. i'm 4'11 but regardless of my heels i love that i look tall in these pics! hahahaha :)

  3. Your friends are certainly very chic! Fabulous photos. Thanks for visiting and following my blog! Following you back. X