Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cheap Thrills: Birkin?

I must admit, I was never a huge fan of Birkins. The idea and essence of it blows my mind, like how it's all meticulously hand made and inspected; and it's a pretty bag, no doubt, but it's not really my style. I think it's a little too elegant for me, and I don't think I can ever vandalize anything that expensive and luxurious!

I can!!!

I am however a fan of canvas bags and quirky humorous trends

For those of you who share the same taste as me, or even for Birkin fans who just can't afford it, here are a few bags that are not only cheap but also super cute and gives a different meaning to the phrase "knock-off" 

Banane Taipei is the Taiwanese brand who creates these cute canvas bags. There are other brands who do this, but I think that Banane Taipei is by far the one with the best quality and the cheapest. You can get these in their website or on eBay (it's marked up on eBay though)

These are their new colors that just came out. J'adore the muted neutral palette!

Thursday Friday is another brand that creates the screen printed Hermes totes. They're cheaper than Banane Taipei but they don't have as big of a color selection, and quite frankly, the quality doesn't seem to be there.

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And last, but certainly not the least (since they're the most expensive, and they're always out of stock) is the Tata Baby Bag, which, from what I found out in my research is about $450-$600, less than a car, but still pretty pricey. These are nice though because they come with two different straps. This brand has the most colors and styles to choose from.

These bags have gained some popularity (and notoriety) over the past couple of months. Some find it funny, some find it offensive, some love it, and some think that Hermes is going to shut this whole thing down. I personally love it, and thanks to my dad, I got mine today :D 

 Funny, the "engraving" on the "buckle" actually says Banane Taipei

I got the Pink and Orange ones from Banane Taipei and I can't wait to use them!!! So excited! :D

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